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KOSHKIL RECORDS is an independent label based in Madrid. It is specialized in original composed and improvised music, from traditional folk music to free jazz, chamber, experimental and contemporary music.

Please, listen to our catalog and then, if you feel this is the right place for your music, send us your project (WAV) format here: produccionkoshkil@gmail.com



“Long-time collaborators Taylor Haskins and Andrew Rathbun team up with the brilliant Tom Rainey and energetic Matt Pavolka to create a recording that runs the gamut from wild to serene. They operate in both open forms and with structure, sometimes dancing together and other times sparring, to create a sonic journey that is always evolving." 

"This music has been with me for more than 30 years in a search for personal expression. It is like a navigator's log that is brought to life through new experiences and is constantly changing. On this album I have taken a risk to merge archaic songs of Northwestern Argentina with techniques of contemporary improvisation and free jazz, while trying to respect the depth of the original musical expression."  MARCELO PERALTA
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"This is a cartography of sounds, compositions and improvisations based on folk music from Northwest Argentina, jazz, classical and contemporary music. Like a wind that runs through the Pampas, it drags and mixes everything through the sound of the bass clarinet."

A testimony of liberated souls who meet again to thank the music and to be able to follow each their own journey
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Los Ejes de mi Carreta w koshkil.jpg
Improvised Chamber Music performed by three string players (violin, viola and cello) and a woodwind player
 (bass and soprano clarinets).
Inspired by the squeaks produced by the axles of an old wagon, it is a tribute to the great poet and singer of the Argentine Pampas:
Don Atahualpa Yupanqui.