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Please, listen to our catalog and then, if you feel this is the right place for your music, send us your project wav format here:
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"SPIRITUS MUNDI was born from the need to combine the acoustic experience of the trio with the use of electronics. The result is a concept album in which the different sound materials blend and dialogue. The free improvisation, omnipresent in this work too, dialogues with the electronic part pre-recorded and pre-worked by Ondrey Zintaer who arranged the entire work" 

 FREE74 / free jazz radio

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Unreleased music, recorded in studio by Tr3spuntocer0, 

a trio of musicians from Rio de la Plata who met in Madrid, 

will be presented in this first volume of four, 

the beginning of a trajectory that will last almost 10 years.

"The purpose of the "De Aquí" Project 

is to elaborate contemporary jazz improvisations 

based on compositions by classical Spanish composers" 


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"MELDS is the new release from NODES, one of my favorite projects that I’ve ever been involved with, and this second release integrates the live electronic processing and the trio in new and surprising ways. As improvisors, we are always looking for new challenges and landscapes, and Christopher Biggs has upped the ante on our second album, integrating his sonic landscapes into the overall texture of the music seamlessly, creating a palette of sounds that inspire us and force us to listen and react in totally new ways. We were also thrilled to record a new piece written for us by Lisa Renée Coons, entitles She Storm."  ANDREW RATHBUN

"The limit between improvisation and composition is an undefined border.

It depends if you come from composition to improvisation or vice versa,

but the line always seems to move the other way ". Omar Grandoso


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 "Sound Beams, the sound of Vallecas..."


“The outcome of this album clearly reflects twenty years of music friendship”


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Perhaps it is a matter of immersing oneself fully in contrasts.

Getting to those places where instruments and artists simply merge, dancing in the perfect chaos.

Vertigo towards the unfathomable interior...

“Entrevías” is a World Music experience that looks especially towards that corner located in the southern hemisphere of the planet, on the Río de la Plata, where the great candombe, murga, jazz, funk and other styles actively coexist.

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“I can’t say I’ve ever done anything quite like this, and I don’t think any of my other records sound anything remotely like this. Although I’ve always been interested in playing in more open settings, I’ve never done something of this depth and length with so little predetermined structure.”

An unprejudiced and sincere journey through a sound

universe full of colors and sensations. 

To listen several times and let yourself be carried

away by this route, without fear or prejudice.


Long-time collaborators Taylor Haskins and Andrew Rathbun team up with the brilliant Tom Rainey and energetic Matt Pavolka to create a recording that runs the gamut from wild to serene. They operate in both open forms and with structure, sometimes dancing together and other times sparring, to create a sonic journey that is always evolving

"This music has been with me for more than 30 years in a search for personal expression. It is like a navigator's log that is brought to life through new experiences and is constantly changing. On this album I have taken a risk to merge archaic songs of Northwestern Argentina with techniques of contemporary improvisation and free jazz, while trying to respect the depth of the original musical expression." 


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A testimony of liberated souls who meet again to thank the music and to be able to follow each their own journey
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