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KOSHKIL RECORDS is an independent label based in Madrid.
It was born from the idea of the musician Marcelo Peralta (Buenos Aires-Argentina, 1961-
Madrid-Spain, 2020) renowned saxophonist with an extensive professional career.
Professor of piano, saxophone, improvisation and ensemble, composer and arranger.

He chose the name ''Koshkil'' for the label, because it is a very strong South American
wind that rises suddenly through the Patagonia from the Andes to the Atlantic. When it
blows it does not go unnoticed, it drags the soil it traverses through, and the inhabitants
feel its deep, unique and particular sound.

KOSHKIL RECORDS attempts to provide a space for dissemination of original and
creative music made in different formats, using improvisation as a relevant and articulating
element of various musical expressions, as unique voices that express life experiences, a
territory, a time or perhaps a dream.

''Tercer Mundo 30'' (''Third World 30 years'') was the first edition on the label, and it
was released by Marcelo Peralta himself. Following the death of the musician, the family
decides to continue with the work undertaken, and also to share his legacy.

ASSOCIATION) is therefore born with the intention of promoting concerts and different
musical cultural activities at the national and international level.
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