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VALLECAS ART ENSEMBLE was formed in 1998 in MADRID to confront the 21st century and took their name from the barrio VALLECAS, where they rehearsed. With three prolific composers, their repertoire is mainly original music and it is the confluence of their various compositional styles that gives the group their unique sound. This recording was made after the VALLECAS ART ENSEMBLE had been performing for many years in the Spanish jazz scene. 

Marcelo Peralta - saxes and flutes

Nirankar Singh Khalsa - drums, percussion and flute

Hector Oliveira- bass

Tony Heimer - piano

Recorded 2015 in Infinity Studios, Madrid-Spain

Mixed and mastered November 2022 by Hector Oliveira and Pedro Baselga at Infinity Studios, Madrid-Spain

Produced by Vallecas Art Ensemble and Koshkil Records

Cover art and designed by Ramiro Peralta

1.    ANGIE - Anthony Heimer
2.   KATRINA - Marcelo Peralta 
3.   CELESTE - Nirankar Singh Khalsa 
4.   CHINESE HISTORY - Marcelo Peralta 
5.   DEVOTION - Anthony Heimer
6.   HAPPINESS - Anthony Heimer 
7.   5:00 HYMN - Anthony Heimer 
8.   TONY'S TANGO - Anthony Heimer
9.   I HOPE IT'S TRUE - Anthony Heimer 
10.  LA MURGUITA - Marcelo Peralta
























Saxophonist, Pianist, Composer, Arranger and Conductor. 

Born on March 5, 1961 in Buenos Aires (CABA) Argentina 

Died on March 10, 2020 in Madrid, Spain.



Pianist/Composer, born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA in 1954

Studied music with Jaki Byard, Joe Pass, Charlie Shoemake and Barry Harris. He has worked with a wide variety of European artists including Michael Moore, Sean Bergin, Lolita, Bob Sands, Norman Hogue, and many others as well as working extensively with theater and comedy artists such as the DELL 'ARTE PLAYERS, PIGEON DROP COMEDY COMPANY, JOSE LUIS COLL (Telecinco's HABLANDO SE ENTIENDE LA GENTE) and performing for many years with the notorious clown JANGO EDWARDS.



Double Bass Player, born in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA 

Graduated summa cum laude with a BA in professional music from Berklee College of Music, Boston in 1986. In Madrid, Spain since 1990. During this time in Spain he has worked with artists and musicians such as Raphael, Lolita Flores, Berlín Osborne, Azúcar Moreno, Jayme Marques, Jango Edwards, Orquesta Nacional de Jazz de España, Combo Belga, Luis Salinas, Antonio Serrano, Víctor Manuel, Ana Belén, Chattanooga, Denia Ridley, Nicole Henry, Maria Creuza, Luis Cobos Spain Jazz Band, Mark Soskin, Alessia Desogus, Javier Bergia, Gladston Galiza, Matthew Herbert Brexit Big Band, La Roda de Choro de Madrid. Has recorded and played with Pablo Carbonell, Pepin Tre, Rosalía Mowgli, Malcolm Scarpa, Kike Jambalaya, Mariano Mariano. Double Bassist in the musical Follies in the Teatro Español in Madrid. Musical director for the company Musikanz.



Nirankar Singh Khalsa born as, and formerly known as Mark Edward Henderson, is a Chicago native of a traditional Black American family. Born September 10, 1952.

Drummer/Percussionist of various cultural disciplines, Singer and Personal Composer.

Inspired and 'initiated' since infancy by his father William Henderson Jr, also former drummer/percussionist, and various other musicians in his family line.

Has in his experience as a  professional musician, an extended international trajectory, in his native U.S and abroad over more than 50 years. He now resides in Madrid, Spain. For more on his timeline and experience, given upon request.



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