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1. NOTHING NEW  (00:28)

2. CHEMICAL REACTION 1  (00:41) 

3. RESEARCH  (03:04) 

4. CHEMICAL REACTION 2  (02:02) 

5. DARKNESS CAME  (03:13)  

6. CHEMICAL REACTION 3  (00:38)  

7. NO GOOD NEWS  (00:38)




The ZTB trio is a well-established European group that has made its stylistic and poetic signature out of avant-garde musical language.
The acronym stands for Ondrey Zintaer, composer, electronic musician and saxophonist from Kosice, Slovakia, Paolo Tognola, pianist and improviser from Brescia, Italy and Filippo Cocozza, aka Bøtøx, drummer from Venafro. The trio was formed within the International Collective of Free Jazz and Free Improvisation, a reality that brings together improvisers* and musicians* from all over the world and encourages their collaboration.




Ondrey Zintaer - soprano and tenor saxes, electronics and voice


Paolo Tognola - piano


Bøtøx - drums and percussion



Recorded between the summer and autumn of 2022, partly in Slovakia and partly in Italy

Recording, mixing and editing by Ondrey Zintaer

Produced by ZTB and Koshkil Records

Cover designed by Odrey Zintaer ("Devil with bagpipes" by Erhard Schön german woodcut designer and painter c. 1530)

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