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Sir Charles +3 

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"I’d like to dedicate the music included in this album to the late great Marcelo Peralta, an outstanding musician, a very good friend and a great individual."  SIR CHARLES

  1. PLAYERA (Pablo Sarasate)

  2. CÓRDOBA (Isaac Albéniz)

  3. DANZA ESPAÑOLA "ANDALUZA" (Enrique Granados)

  4. DANZA RITUAL DEL FUEGO (Manuel de Falla)

  5. VIENTOS ASTURIANOS (Marcelo Peralta / Carlos González)

  6. LA BARCA (Federico Mompou)

  7. LA VIRGEN DE LA MACARENA (Bernardo Bautista Monterce / Antonio Ortiz Calero)

  8. *ASTURIAS (Isaac Albéniz)

1-2-3-6 arranged by Marcelo Peralta / 6 - Unión Musical Ediciones part of Wise Music
4-8 arranged by Pablo Múzquiz / 4 - Chester Wise Music Group - Manuel de Falla Ediciones.
5 arranged by Marcelo Peralta and Carlos González / SGAE
7 arranged by Ramiro Obedman / Peer Music Española S.A.

Sir Charles+ 3


Carlos "Sir Charles" Glez. - drums

Richie Ferrer - bass

Ramiro Obedman - tenor sax and flute

Pascual Piqueras - trumpet


* "Alternate take" SIR CHARLES +4: 

Carlos "Sir Charles" Glez. - drums

Richie Ferrer - bass

Marcelo Peralta - tenor sax

Pascual Piqueras - trumpet

David Herrington - euphonium

1-7: Recorded and mixed by Pablo Baselga at Infinity Estudios - Madrid, on June 26 and 27, 2023

8: * "Alternate take" Recorded by Juan Romo from the concert held at the Fender Club, Getafe, on February 16, 2011


Produced by Carlos "Sir Charles" Glez. and Koshkil Records
Cover art and designed by Isabel Manteca and Ramiro Peralta



"It’s surprising, knowing the quality of the music that generally dominates nowadays,
that a project as personal as this should continue to prosper so many years after its

inception in 2006.

Why is that? Because, thankfully, there are still people with discerning artistic tastes,
who are not satisfied by the commercial mass-market music currently offered to audiences, and they look for projects like this one that leave them with a very distinct experience.

Thank you very much for your support and, as Duke Ellington used to say:  "We Love You Madly" 



For those of you interested in listening to samples of this music, please click on the
following link:

Thank you!









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