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"1995 EL SUBSUELO" by Marcelo Peralta

A recovered and digitized audio of a live solo concert filmed with a VHS camera in the cultural hall El Subsuelo, in May 1995 - Buenos Aires, Argentina. Unpublished and very rich music, since you will be able to hear the founder of the Koshkil Records label playing, not only the saxophones, but also the piano accordion. Unfortunately, due to lack of tape, only the first thirty minutes of the concert of that unforgettable night were able to be recovered.Even so, we consider it a luxury archive, since it is the prelude to the posthumous album "NORTHWEST WIND" December 2020

01 Canción de Cuna del Bosque / La Onceañera Renga 

02 Baguala 

03 Desde Los Andes

04 Motivos Folklóricos

05 Zamba para Naima

06 Improvisación Inconclusa


MARCELO PERALTA - piano accordion, tenor and soprano saxophones


Restored audio and Mastered by Pedro and Pablo Baselga at Infinity Studios, March 2023

Produced by Koshkil Records (Madrid)

Cover Art and Designed by Ramiro Peralta


All songs composed by Marcelo except "Zamba para Naima" composed by Mariana Potenza 

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