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A testimony of liberated souls who meet again to thank the music and to be able to follow each their own journey

“Tercer Mundo 30 años”
Live Concert at Domus Artis
24th August 2019
Buenos Aires – Argentina

Mariana Potenza - soprano sax, ethnic flute and voice
Marcelo Peralta - tenor sax and piano
Jorge Mancini - electric guitar and voice
Diego Pojomovsky - double bass and electric bass
Víctor Da Cunha - drums and percussion


released March 10, 2020

Live Recorded by Gonzalo Ilutovich “Domus Artis” (August 24, 2019 -Buenos Aires)
Mixed by Martín Telechansky “Discos Artesanales El Bolsón” (February, 2020 -Buenos Aires)
Art Design by Ramiro Peralta (Madrid)
Production by Marcelo Peralta - Koshkil Records (Madrid)


12cm x 12cm

Funda de cartón simple


TERCER MUNDO ''30 AÑOS'' - Grupo de improvisación Tercer Mundo

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