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Juan Calvi
To listen the full album and to buy it click here
“A studio recording brings three Portuguese string players -Maria do Mar on violin, Ernesto Rodrigues on viola, and Guilherme Rodrigues on cello - together with bass & soprano clarinetist Juan Calvi, for 9 succinct intertwining of energetic interplay, often chamber-oriented but all examples of masterful free improvisation exploring a diverse set of creative approaches” (

Released May 23, 2020
Recorded by Juan Calvi on the November 3rd 2019 at Cato Studio Records, Lisbon.
Master by Guilherme Rodrigues.
Graphic design by Carlos Santos.
Production by Ernesto Rodrigues.
Released by Creative Sources Recordings (Berlin, Lisbon)
Collaboration with Koshkil Records (Madrid) Digital Released
Juan Calvi - Bass & Soprano Clarinets
Maria do Mar - Violin
Ernesto Rodrigues - Viola
Guilherme Rodrigues - Cello
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